About the online program

Too much to do and not enough time?

Space and Time clients tell me they have too much to do whilst raising kids, running a household and feel like they’re missing the mark on most things so I developed a this S.Y.S.T.E.M © to provide a process to follow to keep the momentum moving forward and away from the overwhelm associated with having too much on your mind.

Is it possible to "do it all"?

Many women successfully “do it all”. However, an important thing about “doing it all” is to be clear on what “all” is. This program will help you choose the important things in your life. Doing a small number of things well quickly reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Program results

My clients say that once they are more organised, life is fun, exciting and liberating, They feel in control, less stressed and they have more energy. They have more time to spend on what’s important to them, and for the first time in years they have a clear head. Imagine that feeling. Imagine having time to do WHATEVER YOU WANT instead of wrangling with your to-do list! What do you think? Want to join me? Follow the below link to book in today.

Program outline

The program follows the 6 steps of the Space and Time SYSTEM (and the system is quite literally a system: S-Y-S-T-E-M) with 1 video for each step to be followed in sequence (see the below course curriculum). The SYSTEM is full of tips including how to examine where all your to-dos come from, how to choose priorities from a long list of to-dos and how to make being organised a part of your daily life. The workbook empowers you to create your ideal weekly routine with plenty of time for all the important things.

Who's the program for?

If you feel overwhelmed, worn down, and exhausted from having too much to do and it’s holding you back from doing the stuff you want to do, then this program is perfect for you. Follow the below links for details and booking instructions.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • *BONUS - Declutter Your Calendar Interactive Discussion
    • A message from your instructor, Julie Cliff
    • How to use this course
  • 2
    Let's get started!
    • Download the Handbook...
    • 1. Stuff - where do your to-dos come from?
    • 2. You - get committed to being organised
    • 3. Sort - sort tasks in order of priority
    • 4. Things you no longer need - decluttering
    • 5. Easy Storage - create permanent homes for your things
    • 6. Maintenance - keep it up!
  • 3
    Next Steps...
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
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  • Julie Cliff

    Owner & Professional Organiser

    Julie Cliff

    Julie Cliff is a Professional Organiser at Space and Time which helps busy working mothers live easier, far less stressful lives through simple, easy to implement organising systems to clear the clutter - both mentally and physically.